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Swimming is a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone that try’s. Swimming consists of four main strokes which are-

BREAST STROKE- which is a stroke were you kick your feet from the back of your bottom in a circle type of shape then with your arms make a circle shape as well but don’t bring your hands back behind your elbow.

FREESTYLE- Is arguably the easiest stroke out of the four which is just kick as hard as you can and move your arms forward one after the other it is very simple.

BUTTERFLY- Is a bit like the opposite to freestyle it is the hardest stroke out of them all which is were you move your feet together like a worm and your arms come over like butterfly wings.

BACKSTROKE- Is my favourite stroke and is the funnest well obvisily you swim it on your back and move your feet exactly like you would in freestyle but on your back and start with your arms by your side then move them backwards one by one.

I hope you have learnt a little bit about swimming and give it  a go.

Could you please vote if you know how to swim on your favourite stroke and reply where you train or what swim club you swim at.


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Netball is a well known girls sport. A sport I love very much netball is a fun ennergectic game that for younger ones can be fun but it can get competitive for the girls that want it to be at the moment i play in the intermediates division so i can verse kids 13,14 or even 15. I love playing netball, I play normally in the centre third and love to run around. So by far netball is my pick of all sports and i suggest that you give it a go to even boys can play up to the age of 13, so for anyone out their that love sport why not give this sport a go.


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Twilight Bandstand and supper


Twilight Bandstand and supper a wonderful performance I participated in as well as all the other school bands in the hunter our school band played around 5 songs including Eagle summit march, jingle Bells,  Surfing in the USA, power rock and Galactic episode. I really enjoyed playing all those songs on my alto saxophone and I am looking forward to it next year because I really really enjoyed it. I love to play music. If any of you play a musical instrument please reply your name and what instrument.


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Edublogs Challenge


For week 8 edublogs challenge you have to nominate a blog, So I chose to nominate Jasmine5’s Blog a great blog that I am going to nominate for best Student Blog and I wish that I could nominate this blog for Best teacher’s blog because she writes as good as a teacher I find Jasmines blog really good and very informational. I also love Aysha’s Blog which I would nominate for being the most creative and unique but unfortunately there is no category for the most creative and unique blog. DOWN BELOW IS TWO LINKS TO AYSHA’S AND JASMINE’S ………………………………………..


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Poll Daddy


Poll Daddy is a great website for you to make your own poll’s. My poll below is what is your favourite ice-cream flavour such as Banana, chocolate, mint and etc please have a vote below…….

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Some one who’s commented on my blog


Last week I got a comment from Brenna she sent me this

Hi  Lily

I like your opinion in this post.
But you could use your photo that are not of yourself  but you maybe took it and always remember if it not yours you must give credit…

I agree with her and think that her blog is really professional, her latest post is Love, Luck and Friendship. If you want to check out her Blog follow this link she is also on my sidebar in blogs that I like

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When to use photos on the internet


When do you think it is appropriate to use photos on the Internet.I myself believe that you should never put photos on the Internet of your self maybe in your school newsletter or class blog. Having your image on the Internet is like telling someone all your personal information because as soon as someone See’s you doing something in the street the will remember you and then if your image is on the Internet people know what you look like. But that is just one argument for this topic ‘When to use photos on the internet’ you could argue that having your photo on the Internet then people will recognize you for doing something   good or being missing. Sometimes you could find and communicate with you cousins or family and friends. See having your photo or image on the Internet or web could ruin your life or make your day.

By Lily

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My theme


Well my theme is a lovely under water theme with fishes, rocks and sea weed. I like this theme because it represents were I live and go to school. I live on the coast of New South Wales. I live near the beach. A lovely place filled with marine life. I also like this theme because I love the colour blue and my eye colour is a dark blue. I think this theme is very me. This theme also gives me alot of space to put posts and wigets. That express how I feel.

By Lily

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Why should you come to my blog


What is that i hear do want to know why to come to my blog well I will give you 3 reason’s why you should come to my blog. Reason 1 I have sooooo many links including kendall5 her blogs is a great blog and also I really liked jake5 blog all his post are really interesting  and he is also staring in a play The loin the Witch and the Wardrobe how interesting and there is everyone in my class and even a few other really good blogs such as Lizzie that writes great book reviews. The next reason reason number 2 is all my post are exquisite and really good to read such as the one about my father and the school fete. reason number 3 is My great background its not big and doesn’t cover the whole screen but I love all the fish up the top of my screen. That was just three reasons why you should visit my Blog of Talent.


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The Fete


When the teachers announced that Soldiers Point Public was going to have a fete. I was thinking I would have to waste my Saturday at school helping out with the fete. But when I got to the fete I was blown away it was amazing. There were people everywhere with smiles on their faces and I could smell the lovely cake stall under the cola. Then I could hear the people yelling and screaming with joy outside on the jumping castle and the bungee jumping. I could also hear the people commenting on the fete. I could see people smiling and I could taste the sour fizz from my lollie bag fizzing in my mouth. At the fete there was plenty of ride that included Bungee jumping, Gladiator Duel, Jumping castle’s and Swinging chair’s. There was also plenty of places to grab a snack or just sit down and have a rest such as Devon shire tea in the hall, there was a stand that sold soft drink and hot dogs and sandwiches and out the front they had a stall filled up with sherbet stick’s, snow cone’s and fairy floss. most of the things that I got to have a go at were really fun and interesting and there was also a place were you could sit down inside the hall and watch your child dance, sing or even play an instrument some people performed the bagpipes and people danced from Robin Yvette. I have never been to a fete but this one is definitely the best one and I know it will always be the best one because it was run by Soldiers Point Public School. I would to thank all the people who helped out with the fete to make it the best one ever and i would like to thank the P and C.



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